Mechacon is coming…

Howdy All,

The next event on my schedule is Mechacon. For those not in-the-know, Mechacon Anime Convention hosts their convention in New Orleans, LA.

“But Vodka Photos, why would you drive from Houston, TX to New Orleans for an anime convention?” Well my friends, the following list contains a few good reasons that I go to Mechacon.

  1. New Orleans – Its a magical place. You can find live music, good food, and of course, Bourbon Street. Cafe Du Monde, The Gumbo Shop, and Tropical Isle are just a few must-visit locations. When you stop at Cafe Du Monde, make sure you order the beignets with your coffee. Your New Orleans experience is incomplete without fried dough with powdered sugar with your coffee. If you wish to know my drink of choice at Tropical Isle, the Hand Grenade will settle any score. And last, but not least, New Orleans is the home of the World War 2 Museum. The museum contains many artifacts from the time and also hosts the Beyond all Boundaries.
  2. The Tabasco Factory – Hidden away just south of Lafayette is a little place called Avery Island. Its at this place that Tabasco manufactures their world famous hot sauce. Between the hours of 9am and 4pm, you can visit their bottle facility, a gift shop that contains all their products, and the newly opened Restaurant 1868. Its also the only place you can purchase the Tabasco pepper mash! Make sure your bring your cooler with some ice.
  3. Mechacon Anime Convention – Mechacon is a mid-sized anime convention that hosts about 7,500 attendees.The convention hosts the standards of all your anime convention needs, such as, dealer’s room, fandom panels, anime-base celebrity guests, a red carpet formal, and a cosplay contest. The location at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside is conveniently located right beside the Riverwalk New Orleans mall. The hotel has several good locations for photoshoots. Those locations include an indoor fountain area, multiple outdoor courtyards, two swimming pools, several lounges, a few gritty service areas, and the riverfront. And for those with gamble desires, the Harrah’s New Orleans Casino is across the street from the convention.

Please remember: If its not fun, its done…